Curious to know what you guys think/like about Pink Floyd's early work

Listening through Pink Floyd's entire studio album discography these days. I mostly know their work from the 70's to 90's. I will admit, I haven't quite connected fully with their early psychedelic years from Piper to Ummagumma yet. I suppose I'm a bigger fan of their "BIG sound" that would evolve later on with David's important guitar riffs, solos, conceptual records, unique production and Waters' lyrics. Those first records honestly do not really delight me always. I'm really open to hearing thoughts, discussing factors and history of these records that could give me a more open perspective, and maybe understand the importance of these works. Why do some of you like them? Is it the history of the band forming? Starting out with Syd? Any documentaries or books that focus on the early years?


A little late to this party but: +1 @unreceiveddogma, @bishop148 and some others - when I have Pink Floyd in heavy rotation it will be pre-Dark Side 6 days out of 7. I love the greater variety of musical styles in the early stuff and the shorter pieces that populated many of those albums. While I still enjoy their later works, especially the sonics, to me there seems to be an increasing tendency toward bombast.

and @drbb, thanks much for the great concert link - I hadn't run across that one.

Delicate Sound of Thunder definitely the best Pink Floyd recording and it was without Waters. But if he is saying that we have no business in Ukraine  I agree. Two Russia dictators fighting it out bores me.

Early PF is great.  Tonight let's make love in London is among the finest 

Have all PF's albums.

The only one I never get tired of listening to is DSOTM.

Just my 2c, FWIW.