Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)

I am on a long search for speakers and just curious what people think is the best value both new or used in speakers ranging from around $5000 to $15000? I have a set of Paradigm S8's (V1) and love them but looking for another set for another set in a different listening area (25 x 20?, maybe larger).  I love the full sound of JBL's and looking for something in that range (it also helps that JBL's seem to hold their value better than most, which will be a consideration). The only drawback to JBL is footprint.  I prefer a smaller footprint which is why after reading I hope to listen to several B&W 800 series but open to suggestions across the board.  used Watt Puppies? Revels?  I am curious about peoples experience with McIntosh XR100's. 
I just purchased a used pair of the Focal Sopra 2's. I am hoping for this speaker to be the best value in the price range.

@gene3x, the ET LFT-8b features a pair of push-pull magnetic-planar drivers that operate from 180Hz to 10kHz, with no cross-over! Then a ribbon tweeter for 10k up and an 8" dynamic woofer for 180Hz down, via 1st-order filters. An outrageous bargain at $2499/pr, they need to be a minimum of 3' from the wall behind them, but at least 5' for the best results (true for all dipoles, whether planars or OB's such as the Linkwitz). They sound much different than dynamic speakers, not for everyone.
correcting @grk O/96 are $12,000 i.e $12k. I would say they are color speakers and if you are looking for neutral side just skip Devore completely. 
Devore looks a little to bulky (footprint issues) ,  I don't have the "room" for magnetic ribbon drive speakers based on my furniture layout and other logistical issues.  Plus I like to sometimes push speakers to their absolute limits which is not something I would do with Maggies or the like. 
I did hear the Sabrina briefly in a demonstration and plan to go back and listen in comparison with the Van Quattro CT's but would rather not go to $15K unless I just absolutely am in love.  I didn't really get a good listen to the Sabrina's but could see myself really liking them.  
Those Focal's do look nice (especially when you can pick up a used pair for $8k)  and they get great reviews but not sure where I can listen to any near me.  Definitely on the list.