Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)

I am on a long search for speakers and just curious what people think is the best value both new or used in speakers ranging from around $5000 to $15000? I have a set of Paradigm S8's (V1) and love them but looking for another set for another set in a different listening area (25 x 20?, maybe larger).  I love the full sound of JBL's and looking for something in that range (it also helps that JBL's seem to hold their value better than most, which will be a consideration). The only drawback to JBL is footprint.  I prefer a smaller footprint which is why after reading I hope to listen to several B&W 800 series but open to suggestions across the board.  used Watt Puppies? Revels?  I am curious about peoples experience with McIntosh XR100's. 
Well, he's got a point about the high frequent noise. It's just too high and way to frequent.  And don't get me started on smog. Fairly ruined Erebor.
I'll say one thing, if I walked into an audio store  with the intent of purchasing speakers there and bo1972 was my salesman, I would run out the door as fast as I could.  Too much information sometimes isn't good.
And details like grammar punctuation and relevance are important in an information exchange. ;)