Current amp vs Voltage amp

Two different topologies with different intent. There are arguments for and against both technologies. Not having a electronics background I'm tying to get a clearer understanding.

Speaker matching including impedance and power requirements: how does one match 1:1 :: amps:speakers? General rule of Higher sensitivity benign/high impedance to tubes, and, low medium/sensitivty variable impedance to SS (considering they can be of higher power rating)?

This is not to see which is best, but to better understand the process of matching components.
I infer you have directed your post to me? Either ways I'm just curious about the alternatives, since this has been a one way argument "for" the power paradigm. I would have loved to see some valid discussion from the other side.
ITs not only the class D, but there are a few SS amps out there with newer tech or resurrection of a older tech that has some semblance with tubes.
"Real music" is a relative term. Like a picture one can take and make it more real with photoshop. "Accuracy" would be an appropriate term.

Let me bring up a point - tube amps are said to have a SNR of 80-90 dB. To listen to CD (16/44) in its full resolution you need 96dB or greater. For hi rez (24/96) you need a SNR of >144 dB. Higher the resolution, bigger is the SNR value. Also you need a "system" to play the music accurately, if that's what you mean by sound quality. Of course in life there is no free lunch, and where do we trade off is the question.
My post was a general observation based on my own listening opportunities. I thought my last sentence made it clear where I'm coming from.What I prefer has nothing to do with your own specific listening experiences and conclusions. Some hear similar to me and others don't . We're all here just expressing our individual opinions. What ever amplifier topology suits you is fine with me. I just know what sounds better to me.
It's good to get the manufacturers talking like Ralph, it's like gold, to get into their design perspective and ideology. I believe we do not have such similar opportunities in any other commodities.
Ralph is what makes these forums hum.{In a good way!}Thanks again for the tips,cheers,Bob
I agree and wish other builders/designers would express their beliefs and ideas.This can lead to very informative discussions and of course different views and conclusions. There's no rule that demands we all have to agree on everything. Varying perspectives are good and reflects our individual experiences.