Current NAD integrated amps, what are your impressions?

I just picked up a C326BEE and wanted to hear if my results are common, or what the general consensus is for NAD. I did some searching on this forum, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of love or threads directed at NAD.

I actually acquired a C372 about 3 years ago, but sold it within a year as it seemed pretty bland and laid back. I’ve heard that this vintage wasn’t as reliable and my remote control did die. When I shipped it to the buyer it showed up DOA in one channel! I helped him with the repairs but it left me with reservations regarding NAD. From what I can gather, the current models are much more reliable.

So Spearit sound is clearing out refurbished NAD components, and I couldn’t resist the price(no affiliation). Bottom line, the 326 sounds way better than I expected. I’d been using a Denon AVR3801 in 2 channel with a second system, and the imaging, clarity and punch is easily better with the 326. I’m driving Tannoy DC4 bookshelf speakers and what a soundstage!. Diana Krall tracks are recorded with the piano mic’d so the lower register starts in the left speaker and the highest notes in the right. I’d not heard that with the Denon, but the 326 sets it out so clearly.

So what has your experience been with NAD?
I’m running a Nad C388 I got here on Audiogon refurb’d from Spearit. Purchased it about 7-8 months or so ago. I’ve had zero problems with it so far and am quite happy. Neutral (but not "clinical") overall sound, but with ample low end. I’m driving floorstanding Tannoy XT8Fs with it, and it’s a good match.

Edit: I was driving some Klipsch RF-82II I used to have with the C388 for a bit and it was NOT a good match, and was really bright, so it all depends.  That could be a fault of the "cheaper" Klipschs, not sure.
Speakers with the same impedance and sensitivity ratings can differ significantly regarding power demands. 
I don't have too much experience with 4 ohm speakers, but I would have thought that at a given volume level, a 4 ohm speaker would be louder than an 8 ohm speaker since the amp would be delivering more watts at 4 ohms.  And in this case, the sensitivity of the two speaker pairs is pretty much the same.