Curtains to cover bass traps

I am using Gik bass traps at 4 corners which are quite ugly. I am thinking of covering them with narrow curtains at the corner. I suppose bass freq. pass thru readily and should not change the perfomance of the traps. The mids and high would be affected but surface area is not large so effects should be minimal.

Am I correct in this? Any particular brand or fabric to recommend or aviod
You should be okay. Wal-Mart sells home theater curtains, these might work for you. Relatively inexpensive from what I recall.
I purchased insulated curtains at bed bath&beyond for 12.99 a panel in their reduced section.
Ever thought of having someone paint some type of artwork on them that would match your esthetic? I want to do that to one of mine. I watch the designer David Bromberg on HGTV all the time whip out these awesome paintings in a matter of minutes. I wish I had the skill to do it myself. I think that would look better than drapes.