D’agostino integrated amp vs their amp and a tubed pre amp setup.

Hi I am trying to decide between a D’Agostino amp and preamp versus the D’Agostino integrated amp has anyone heard the integrated amp and what were your impressions? I am new to high FidelityBut I’m trying to design a system that has the warm tones of a tube amp with greater more efficient power.
I’m sorry for not being clearer in my original post. I am deciding between the Dag Momentum integrated amp with a phono pre amp VS the Momentum S250 paired with a pre amp (probably the VTL 5.5) and phono amp. I was wondering if anyone had heard those two systems and could comment on which was preferable. From a monetary standpoint it’s really equal. So that’s not really an issue. I’m pairing the power to Wilson Sasha DAW’s. Again, new to this all so forgive my in-artful questions.
Very happy with our D’ag Moment Integrated Amp. that we purchased in early 2020.  Our dealer cut us a nice deal ...  
I own the D'ag Momentum S250, paired with VTL 6.5 tubed pre, powering Wilson's Yvettes, and love the sound, control, sound staging...great synergy with TA cables. I wanted the DAW's, but wife felt they were too big, and 'Star Wars' looking...damn.
You will love the flexibility and sound quality of the path you are considering.
Good luck, and enjoy. The D'Ag's have unlimied control and power, I also compared to the Ayre separate mono blocks, liked the D'ad better...
What does your ears tell you, and what is your dealer pushing?
Happy New Year
I test listened to the Dag S250 with my ARC Ref 40 in my home with my Wilson Sashas for a weekend and the sound was excellent. Not as tubey as a full tube set up but more transparent with the hint of tube magic. In other words, the best of both worlds. Although I did not test the Dag with a VTL pre, I have heard the 6.5 and 5.5. on many occasions. They are excellent preamps. I’m sure the combo of Dag/VTL would be wonderful. Although Dag is my favorite ss amplification gear for Wilsons, I much prefer a tube pre with Dag than all Dag. All of this is highly subjective and personal--but that's my take. Good luck--you cannot go wrong with either choice.