D’Agostino Integrateds

I am currently running a D’Agostino Progression Integrated after many years of various tube gear and Devialet. Speakers are Rockport Atria. While the resolution and impact are amazing, there is a definite lack of mid-bass warmth. I am wondering if moving up to the MxV Integrated will be the right move, or if I should go in a different direction.


more important question what are you using for a source?


i know several things that will add  warmth

an audio magic power conditioner, good power cords, vibration management, 

improving dac/streamer 

furutech ncf products


Dave and Troy

audio intellect NJ

I haven't heard the Momentum integrated but I have the HD pre and the MxV mono blocks.  They don't lack fullness and richness in the mid-base.  Based on that I'd say it may be worth a listen to the integrated.


The synergie between D’agostino and Estelon YB MK2 may be different than

the synergie between D’agostino and Rockport Atria .

And you own a   200K $  system ....

It is more a question than an affirmation though.

I am in an interesting position to comment on this. I used to own a pair of Atria II with the momentum HD pre and M400 monos. I also had a pair of JL F110 v2 subs. This was an incredible sounding system. I decided to upgrade to a pair of Cygnus which I do not own anymore for reasons that I don’t want to discuss here.

I ended up with a pair of Estelon XB Diamond MKII. I also sold off my D’Agostino gear and moved over to a complete MSB system with the S202 and Premier Dac. I sold the Momentum gear to get some cash but also out of fear that it may fail in the future. I had a progression integrated blow a board while I had that in for a trial before I went with the momentum separates (I bought them used at a great price). The MSB combo is so close to the Dan gear at a fraction of the price that I can not see spending the extra. I would much prefer a MSB Reference Dac and S500 amp at a lower price and you have an incredible Dac. 

As for the Atria at axpona with the Vinnie gear that was actually my old pair that I traded in. They were loaned out to Vinnie for the show. The Brama gear looks incredible but the V1 was lacking in many areas and was not close to D’Agostino. I have not heard the new V2 Brama gear but it seems strange to release a new version after only a little over one year. 

I would look into MSB if you are considering the MxV Integrated. 

@g9taylor That is a serious front end for a pair of YB MK II. Are the thinking of upgrading the speakers to larger Estelon?