D’Agostino Integrateds

I am currently running a D’Agostino Progression Integrated after many years of various tube gear and Devialet. Speakers are Rockport Atria. While the resolution and impact are amazing, there is a definite lack of mid-bass warmth. I am wondering if moving up to the MxV Integrated will be the right move, or if I should go in a different direction.


@OP. The D'Agostino amplifiers have very clean bass - but it is not lean. But it is very far away from the way a lot of tube gear sounds in the bass. The MxV amplifiers are more refined than the Progressions - that's more noticeable from the midrange up.


´´ The Brama gear looks incredible but the V1 was lacking in many areas ´´

Can you develop about this ?   I am interested to know about the weakness of my integrated amplifier

@maxwave With MSB dacs there is really no need for a preamp. This is especially true if you are using their amps. The dacs and amps are designed to work together with matched impedance. I do not have any analog sources so being completely digital is perfect for my use. If you go up to the Reference dac there is actually an analog preamp section as well for use with either xlr or rca inputs. The cascade dac now offers multiple analog inputs too. 

One advantage of their designs is that if you are using a digital input there are no amplifications stages after the dac section. Their dac modules output enough voltage that there is no need for op amps. The signal is only attenuated. 

@maxwave I am referring to the Brama gear in comparison to the D’Agostino. I have experienced the Brama separates not the integrated. I found them lacking bass and also bass control. The rest of the sound was really nice and I love the remote. I do think that it is called appt to all of the owners to release a new version so quickly. This also happened with previous Vinnie gear. It makes it hard to resell and upgrade. Maybe they will do an upgrade program like D’Agostino does. 

p.s. I would take the Brama gear over progression any day of the week.