D’Agostino Integrateds

I am currently running a D’Agostino Progression Integrated after many years of various tube gear and Devialet. Speakers are Rockport Atria. While the resolution and impact are amazing, there is a definite lack of mid-bass warmth. I am wondering if moving up to the MxV Integrated will be the right move, or if I should go in a different direction.


@maxwave Unless I am mistaken the output section of these amps are solid state. The tube is only in the pre section. This should not affect bass output. Also there is a difference in power between the amps. The Dag were 400w into 8ohms and 800 into 4ohms. 

Again this is only my experience having owned the Atria II with the Momentum gear. We all hear things differently and have different preferences too. That is what makes this hobby great. 


I know from a credible source that Marc Phillips from PAT will review the Brama separate 2nd generation ( mono blocs and preamp )

Also ,Michael Lavorgna of Twittering Machines, will review the Brama Integrated 2nd generation.

I have no business link with Vinnie Rossi , except that I own the Integrated amplifier  1st generation

it could be due to your interconnect or your speaker wire or both if you're using OFC wire that definitely could be the problem that's the worst wire for audio you could have you should try OCC single crystal wire.