D’Agostino Integrateds

I am currently running a D’Agostino Progression Integrated after many years of various tube gear and Devialet. Speakers are Rockport Atria. While the resolution and impact are amazing, there is a definite lack of mid-bass warmth. I am wondering if moving up to the MxV Integrated will be the right move, or if I should go in a different direction.


also you might try the Townshend podiums underneath your speakers those things get rid of a lot of problems, the mid b a s s problem could be because the vibrations are going out of the speaker into the floor and back into the speaker again and shaking it causing smearing in the sound stage they're not cheap but best upgrade you'll ever do.

@maxwave Sorry if my thoughts wasted your time.

@creditingkarma You are right.  The YB MK2's don't require 400w mono blocks.  I bought the amps as part of a plan to do a significant remodel that would have given me a much larger listening room and an opportunity to try bigger speakers.  For reasons not related to audio those plans changed.

My current listening room is small.  It's kind of an L shape, 12 x 16, widening to 15 in the rear.  The shape is the result of a bathroom and two doors.  The room is below grade and very solid so the sound right now is great.  It's a very quiet room, <30Db background.  The Estelon's image really well though they are short on deep bass.

So yes, I originally planned to move to bigger speakers.  Plans changed and everything sounds so good right now I'm reluctant to change.  I finally have a turntable with two tonearms and I'm enjoying experiencing different cartridges.


I was asking a question about Amp/speaker  possible integration.

My complete set up : 2 Channels  and  Home Theater is over 200K $ 

And I have plenty of time  😉

@g9taylor I understand on the room size. I went from Atria II to Cygnus. I loved the Cygnus but had an issue with the pair that I got and decided to go with Estelon. My room is 15 X 17.  The XB diamond play really well n the room and are not bass light. They are not flat down to 20 but they play well below 30hz with great authority. 


Classy , elegant . Not  ostentatious .  The magic is rather inside

The remote is like a small computer . Always commicating with the grears .