D'Agostino Momentums (Chicago)

Hi Everyone,

Anyone have these in the Chicago area?  I'm considering them for an audio mastering facility and would love to audition them.

Thank you,

I auditioned the Momentums with a Wilson Audio Sasha, MIT Oracle cables and Wadia 381.

Boulder I have auditioned at many shows in the last 5 years. I never was impressed.

Music is all about emotion. Emotion is based on diversity in the middle frequencies, diversity in volume and dynamics.

But the first and most important part is what is missing.

Even at the highend show in Munic in 2015 people didn't know what music they were playing.

Audio needs to go back to were it starts......and this is real music.

Listen to music first before you give a demo with audio.

The level of demos these days is very limited. It is based on many different parts. The way they demo will have a bad influence on audio in the future this way.

Thank you for your insightful comments.

I too have auditioned Boulder many times, and have yet to be satisfied.

At this point I may stay with Lamm Industries, which I find reproduces music with utmost truthfulness and verisimilitude to live music.

 I spent a couple of hours in a demo of momentum pre and monoblocks driving Wilson Alexias and I am not a Wilson fan. Dan came over to the UK for a 3 room dealer show and gave a talk about his aims and design goals.

 I have to say I can not remember as great a sound as I heard in that room. Not only am I not a Wilson fan, I am not a SS fan either. If I was to change to SS, I would only consider D'Agostino or Dartzeel. The only problem is I'd have to sell my system, house and my family into slavery to afford it. Not sure which I would miss most. Only kidding, it would be my system of course.