D-SONIC SOA Class-D Core Amps. The best Class-D ?

Owner/Designer Dean Deacon of D-Sonic in Houston in recent months dropped using the B&O ICE amps which he now only uses in the surround channels of his multi-channel home theater amps. He now uses a new Class-D amp in all of his Magnum2 mono and two channel amps which he states is the most technically advanced Class-D amp on the market, called the SOA Class-D core amps. The recent review in 6Moons of his new M2-1500M amp concludes its the closest that Class-D has ever come to tube amps in the upper mid-range and high frequencies.
Anyone bought or heard recently the D-Sonic M2-1500M or the M2-600M? What are your opinions?
Guido, between this thread and a couple of others, I get a sense that you are not only technically astute, but also you've been the voice of reason in many of these discussions. That said, have you tried to get a couple of these D-Sonic amps in for a review? Please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere.

You did a very nice review of the Veritas amps compared to your Rowland reference. Thanks for that. Rather than debating the relative superiority of this or that design/approach, or who manufacturers or patented what ... I believe many of us would benefit from comparisons based on actual listening sessions. One would think Dennis Deacon (D-SONIC) would welcome such an approach - regardless of where his modules are sourced and/or assembled. After all, the same folks that like to scream "buy 100% American" will drive their Toyota down to the Apple Store. Just my 2 cents.
Thank you Strateahed, my current reference amp is the rowland M925 monoblock, which was not factored in the Veritas article. Conversely, In the Veritas review, I make minor mention of the M312 stereo, which was my reference in some past.

Jdec..I neglected to mention the Marten amps do not use the ALC-1000 modules but a superior design thats exclusive to the M-Amp, even though the ALC-1000 has a similar design technology under the hood. Same applies to Bruno Putzeys Mola-Mola amp, which does not use the Ncore NC-1200, but a superior design derived from the 1200. What would really be the cats meow is for Guido to get his hands on the M-amp and the Mola-Mola, and compare the two designs of the Class D Kings. I suspect the M-Amp would trounce the Mola-Mola given its large transformer and massive power supply at 190,000 microfarads per mono block, and its highly advanced design technology described on the Marten website.
How about SPEC corp RSA-F3EX from Japan?
Seems like an interesting product?