D-SONIC SOA Class-D Core Amps. The best Class-D ?

Owner/Designer Dean Deacon of D-Sonic in Houston in recent months dropped using the B&O ICE amps which he now only uses in the surround channels of his multi-channel home theater amps. He now uses a new Class-D amp in all of his Magnum2 mono and two channel amps which he states is the most technically advanced Class-D amp on the market, called the SOA Class-D core amps. The recent review in 6Moons of his new M2-1500M amp concludes its the closest that Class-D has ever come to tube amps in the upper mid-range and high frequencies.
Anyone bought or heard recently the D-Sonic M2-1500M or the M2-600M? What are your opinions?
Hi Dennis, as you can see, there is a little bit of uncertainty in the common lore about the specs of D-Sonic's fine amps. If you can add a little bit of technical information on your site for each model... such as available module options, the confusion will vanish quickly.

Saluti, G.
Hi Dennis,

How would you compare the sound of the M-pro2 vs the S-pro2? 6moons compared the two in the Gado DIA 400 and 250 amps and liked the S-pro2 better. S-pro2 seems to be newer but the M-pro2 should be a step up, which is confusing.

Tan have you ever tried heavy copper cabling both input and output and compared to what your currently using.

My last switching amplifier purchase was a pair of Hypex NC400s so I'm not sure how this synergy has changed with newer designs. With my first class D a PS Audio and all the others I either owned or auditioned in house, silver cabling had a slight but noticeable to all, negative affect.

My class D cable history began with some original Monster Cable, Cardas Golden Ref, and finally NuForce. Hopefully others here can make a more contemporary comment on cabling.

I did mention that my 300Ms were a little dry sounding.
I don't think cables were the cause. They just needed time to break in. At the present time they have plenty of body.
For the first 100 hours they appeared to get worse, but after about an additional 100 hours, they seem to mature. These switching amps, unlike those I had,do not have the gap I heard between the bottom end and the top end.
The sound stage sounds full top to bottom and left to right. I also think that in time they will continue to improve.
Hi Tan43, how many hours -- with a signal going through -- do you have on your amps?