DA Krell not nearly as good as DA DA, or was it?


This is hard to do cause I’m relyling on audible memory and very different situations, BUT!!

In another thread about Luxman vs. D’Agostino amps a poster threw a bunch of shade on D’Agostino amps being mostly like Krell, so let me ask the real experts here.

Was Dan D’Agostino era Krell anything like modern D’Agostino branded amps?

My aural memory, a terribly unreliable thing, says no. Krell was never that good. It was super powerful, able to drive impossible loads, but when it came down to listening, meh.

OTOH, I really like, and really can’t afford, D’Agostino. Am I totally wrong??


I haven't heard them in a while, but I remember really, really  liking the Krell KMA 160's and KMA 400's. I've only heard the FPB monos too briefly to have a real opinion, but FWIW I remember being impressd.

In the late 80s, early 90s, I had a pair of Krell MDA-300 monoblocks. I really liked them but they generated a lot of heat. I replaced them with an FPB-300 which I also liked a lot. I owned this amp for over 20 years until it started having problems. 

i haven’t heard the D’Agostino amps.