I am down to the last piece of the puzzle. I am very happy with the sound of my system at this point, so I’m not sure if the DAC needs to be improved on. What I am looking for is to hear those background subtleties in the music a little more pronounced. The strum of a guitar, the stroke of the piano keys, the clicks, ticks & tingles that accompany the music. I do here that now, I just wondered if there is a way to elaborate on those background sounds (details) a bit more.

Is it the DAC that will make this happen? If it is, they say my Gustard R26 is as good as a $5K DAC, how far over that $5K do you think I have to go?

Thank you for your help and suggestions and the best to you all over the holiday season and beyond!

PS: I listen mostly to Jazz

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@yakbob - you know, I could never bring myself to endure headphones Bob. I understand what you're saying, but I like to "Feel" the music, something that headphones don't produce for me, but thank you for the suggestion!

I am always suspicious of the claims of sound quality comparable of components 3x in cost. If you carefully choose a DAC that fits your values in sound quality I suspect you will be very surprised and happy in the $5 - $6K range. 

I would have a look at these: like read every review… don’t pay much attention to marketing hype. I’m sure others will have suggestions.


Chord Hugo TT 2

Gold Note IS-1000