DAC Accustics Art - Ayon CD5S - AMR DAP 777

I am upgrading my digital front end and need some feedback from you guys. I am considering Accustics Art, Ayon CD5S or Skylla, AMR DAP 777, Bel Canto 3.5

I know AMR and Bel Canto are not the same price range, but they are good. I don't like more analytical character DAC, I am using Conrad LS26, Cary 805.
Any feedback is appreciated.
Essential, the CDP-777 was the complete package with a superb transport, extended K2 processing, special Kitamura Kiden power supplies and Harmonix isolation. If I didn't need a preamp when I was buying my cdp, the Reimyo would have been top of my list. The CD-5s with upgraded tubes & op amps is very nice. I feel there are benefits to the Ayon's tube output stage, but the Reimyo definitely has superior processing and a superior transport. I wouldn't touch AMR as I don't trust Chinese-made gear.
AMR is an english company. It is owned and run by an englishman that happens to be of Chinese descent. The company is based out of the UK. Yes the gear is built in China but all the management is all with English values, supervision and quality. It is not your stereotype Chinese labor run outfit. Far from it!
If this was not true, you would know it and AMR would not have the reputation that it does have for quality and reliability.
Taking advantage of the parts availability in its location is the perk for us consumers, yet with the proper quality control one would expect from a hi-end English or European audio company.
Audiofun, I'm eager to try the Dynex/parts express cable duo. There are multiple models of Dynex four-port USB hub, though. If you'd pass on the model number I'd appreciate it!

Aggielaw: The dynex part was beat by the new ifi iUSBPower clean power conditioner for USB. It was no contest. Easily the best $200.00 I have spent on a product for my system.
How did you guy conclude AMR is Chinese made gear? I find no information about it on the back panel.