DAC break-in...

I am ready to make the move from a cdp to a transport plus DAC. One of the DAC's I am interested in is notorious for a lengthy break-in. Taken into consideration my families listening habits, the shear amount of hours I am reading for expected settling is slightly disconcerting.

So is the break-in hours I am reading about synonymous with all brands...is it expected across the board regardless of price? Is there a price threshold where this is mitigated or performed by the manufacturer?

Hoping to learn here...TIA


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Thanks @audioengr
Helpful explanation.

I agree that acclimation plays a role in the "break in" process. The entire listening experience is such a crazy complex blend of electrical, mechanical, and psychoacoustic phenomena. It’s a wonder we aren’t still listening to wax cylinders.
I have always felt that acclimation plays a very large role.  I think that manufacturers sometimes specify long burn in times in order to entice a purchaser to continue acclimating past the return period.
What nonsense. Break in or forming of dielectric in electrolytic capacitors is only necessary after lengthy storage (many years)