DAC compatibility

Hi all. I'm encountering a problem that does not have a satisfactory solution. I own a BSN 130 which functions fine using the internal dac. I recently acquired a Topping D90 MQA DAC to receive the USB out of the BSN. I get a lot skips when playing MQA files. Otherwise it seems fine. However, my macbook seems to like the D90--no issues playing back MQA streams via Roon, BluOS, Tidal.

Based on what I've read about this issue, the solution inevitably becomes: use optical or digital coax or don't play MQA. Topping blames BSN and vice versa. That drives me nuts.

Now, I read something interesting about BSN UBS: it doesn't love 'desktop' DACs because of its unique linux USB architecture. Also, desktop dacs only like CPU/laptop USB. 

It may be a Topping specific issue. I swapped in a Dac magic 200 and all was fine. How do I sort this out? Is there any truth to the USB compatibility argument? 

I am considering going to an integrated dac/streamer. 

Thanks in advance for any input or solutions. 


If you can play MQA files (songs) directly from the Node and compare them to MQA files (songs) sent to the Topping DAC via optical or digital coax and the songs sound better with the Topping I would not stress out about the USB connection. I don’t use it, I use digital coax and get great sound. Just a thought...

I thought USB was a standard so it doesn’t make sense to me that either of your devices wouldn’t like the USB out/in from the other.  This link discusses drop outs from MQA but via Roon to an external DAC.  Nothing else about dropouts other than Roon though.  Seems like a BSN issue with MQA.


Thanks for that. I tried the renderer setting but no luck.

BTW, The D90 only does MQA via USB, so no go on the optical/coax.

The issue may be related to the USB out on the BSN.

I'm reluctant to give up the BSN as I bot a TP power supply and a $1k USB cable!

I bot the D90 used and can't put to the seller.