DAC Compatible with PS Audio SACD Transport

I have the PS Audio SACD transport on order. The ideal matching DAC to connect the PSA SACD transport is the just released PS Audio Direct Stream DAC II. But at USD8K, the price makes it seem like a bridge too far. Therefore I am looking for  another DAC that is compatible with the PSA SACD transport, for SACD playback via I2S. I am eyeing the Holo Audio Spring 3 KTE DAC as it is reported to be an excellent DAC and is substantially cheaper than the PSA DAC. 

Are there any other DACs that you can recommend? Or do you think I should bite the bullet and get the PSA SACD DAC?

I must admit to being tempted from time to time, as PSA releases regular DAC updates which essentially gets you a new DAC. But then sanity intrudes LOL. 



Good condition Danafrips Terminator (original version) is <$3000 on US audio mart, it can be configured to take PS Audio IS2 input and could be used with Danafrips converters to take USB streaming sources and converting to IS2.

Keep an eye on usaudiomart. There might be the right seller who will ship for some extra cash.  $100 might do it. Plus cost of shipping.   Any friends or family here that could ship for you? 

As a side note the reason I bought the PSA SACD transport last year was to play my large collection of SACD's.  Note that a SACD is only DSD64.  In many cases a redbook sounds better played through the PSA transport. FYI

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@skinzy I have a growing collection of SACDs myself, which I used to play on the Marantz KI Ruby SACD player. The KI Ruby was initially much better (to my ears) than my Hegel Mohican CD player playing Red Book CDs (as to be expected). However, once I paired the Hegel Mohican with the Hugo TT DAC and MScaler, and some other upgrades (e.g. power cords, fuses), the Hegel far outstripped the KI Ruby SACD player, which caught me by surprise.

This also planted the seed in me of wanting to pair a SACD player with a DAC, which would explain why I am looking at the PSA SACD Transport and DAC - or -the  PSA SACD Transport and the Holo Audio Spring 3. It is for another rig of mine (Luxman 509X M2 + Dynaudio Heritage).

From a sound quality perspective, what would you think would be your choice?