DAC contest: Border Patrol Sei or Chord Qutest?

I had a thread about CD transports hijacked by a member who insisted that I had to ditch the Border Patrol before doing anything else in my system. No idea how he landed on the Chord, but he did.

So, here you are... a place to stomp some more on the Border Patrol and praise the Chord... lol.


@swvaaudiofan " a member who insisted that I had to ditch the Border Patrol before doing anything else in my system."


+1 soix - pay attention to what is being asked here by soix. I’ll add-in a few thoughts.


Has this insistent member heard your system in your room with your speakers... How anyone could be insistent without hearing your setup is a novice shooting in the dark.

What about your BP SE-I dac is not sounding right to you, and what do you hope to change about the sound more to your liking by purchasing another dac?

imo, try to figure out this part out before getting on/off the dac treadmill, if you can help it. I agree with others, the Chord or Denefrips vs. the BP SE-I dac will sound different. Part of this has to do with the result and type of presentation you are looking for, and/or dealing with taming your Be tweeted speakers.

Oh: the first 24-48hrs of burn-in with the BP SE-I can be terrible (veiled over) sounding as the caps form and other components settle in. Can share notes from Gary on all of this. I now believe some people resale this dac not knowing this part. Patience :)

btw, recently acquired the BP SE-I with the updated Beez Wax caps and new choke design, and like it quite a bit with my all-tube system and speakers, all of which is revealing and transparent. Also owned/compared to other dacs that I enjoy for other reasons. The BP truly does something different, like it or not. Deciding really depends on your system and your preference at the end of the day, fwiw.


Before I received the advice to replace the DAC and not the CD transport, I had listed my entire system on a thread I called "What's Up?". So that info was there for the critic to analyze. You know and I know that didn't happen. A belief in the Chord and a dismissal of the BP came out in a complete demolition of the thread itself.

I will ad here that I installed a wall in an open floor plan to create a dedicated listening area. Then I lined that wall with acoustic foam. Hearing an improvement, I hung acoustic foam on the other side using the stout curtain rod installed there. It's dark and dead in there now - just like it should be.

I'll keep the NuPrime - or sell it. I'll keep the Border Patrol - or sell it. Seems to me asking a direct question on a forum was a dumb idea in the first place.

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This is my original post called What's Up. And I'm the asshole? Go look at Jjss49's response. Not only will I stop following this crap, I'm leaving Audiogon completely. The jerk and his supporters can pretend it was me, but some of you are smart enough to figure out where this all went South.


Audio system source change suggestions? I’m considering options from a Border Patrol Sei SPDIF DAC back to the CD transport. Currently have Audio Sensibility’s Statement SE Coaxial 1.5m cable and the NuPrime CDT-9 with LPS power supply. On the other end of the system, it is all Odyssey Audio (Candela preamp, Khartago modified to Kismet level monoblock amps, and Kismet floor standing speakers).

How far up the food chain might I have to go with a CD transport and SPDIF cable to take the sound to the next level – improved imaging, soundstage, and tonal balance?