DAC - DCS Bartok or the new Berkeley Alpha DAC 3

Looking for a dac trying to decide between DCS Bartok or the new Berkeley Alpha DAC 3.

I will not be able to hear them before I buy so I am looking for general thoughts.

They will be paired with MC462 and C22.  I have Revel 228BE speakers.

I am also looking for a streamer that can do multiroom with out roon.

Currently considering Bluesound node or Moon MIND2

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I auditioned both the DCS and Berkeley family of DACS. Both are fine DACS. I found the DCS house sound to be very smooth. While the Berkeley house sound is leaner and more engaging. In the end I thought the DCS sounded better but I enjoyed the Berkeley more. 

It appears that most of the DACs are not set up to receive 2 channel input from a CD transport.  They all have 2 channels out, but just various connections for streaming, but nothing for transports.  How would I connect a transport to one of these?

A few contributors above have suggested get a good streamer/front end before the DAC. This is the best advice. The enemy of every DAC is jitter and even if a DAC has zero jitter it can't compensate for the jitter coming in. So spend on your front end like you're going to keep it for 10 years and get a $1000 or so DAC.

An Aurender ACS10 will shock you when coupled with a cheap DAC and a N10/N20 will completely blow you away.

An expensive DAC just like expensive speakers will reveal shortcomings from down the line.