DAC for CD transport

Suggestion needed for DAC to be used with CD transport(either dedicated or dvd player as transport) around $1k range for 2nd system, not planning to use with PC.

And my current and previous source listed to understand my preference

Currently using Roksan kandy K3, like the sound, has plenty of air between instruments, extended treble and taut bass, vocals are good.

Previously used Audiolab 8200CD, had denser sound, lacking in instruments separation.

Heard Marantz cd-8005 during audition, it’s kind of thick voice.

DAC’s so for I am considering..

Line Magnetic LM-502CA

Audio gd NOS DAC-19

Teac UD-503

Rega Dac-R

Or should I go with another dedicated CD player?

advise needed, thanks

Deciding to drop the idea of DAC + CD transport, it is difficult to have in reasonable price a good transport and matching\synergy DAC, however integrated for same price sounds better than 2 boxes..

Hello. Looking at the Teac UD503. Some comments online that it's laidback and warmish with decent detail. I am seeking a tubey, romantic and organic sounding DAC in the similar price range...up to $1.5k. Would the Teac qualify? Any recommendations? Anyone compared the UD501 and the 503?
For information I sold UD503, and brought CEC CD5, a belt driven transport with USB DAC.