DAC for second system

Putting together an office audio system; with space constraints ( not to mention cost).

Looking at R2R  NOS DACS; for an organic sounding system.

There are many threads on Border Patrol, MHDT, Lab 12 etc.  I see there is an upgraded ( as compared to earlier threads) Border Patrol SE-1.

Any listening perspectives on the upgraded model.

Any suggestions in the 2-3 K price point ( up to 5 if its really good ).




Similar for me, I preferred the Pontus II to the Venus II straight up, even though the Venus II is $1,300 more expensive......others will disagree with me on that point. The Venus seemed to not have the Denafrips "house sound" that I personally like very much.

A Pontus II with the Iris DDC clearly outperforms the Venus IMO, and the cost for the Pontus II and Iris DDC is still $750 less than a Venus II.

For office use, I think convenience and practical aspects are major. I would look into active speakers. I agree with Pontus (I have one), but I think it is overkill for office.  Dali or Bluesound speakers with a bluesound node will let your colleagues easily connect their Spotify or Apple accounts, so that all can contribute to the sound in the office. 

Get a Ladder. I just got mine today. Very impressed and it is not even run in yet.


Anything else is old news. Don't be living in the past man. 😀


My local dealer gave me his Watson Madison ( streamer plus DAC ) to try out in my main system.

Very simple design.

Very compact ,

Sounds great; huge soundstage.

Has anyone tried one?

Consider a Mojo Audio DAC. Call Benjamin. He'll answer.

30 day no obligation trial. He's discounting some items.

There are several reviews to check out.