DAC Help

Hello everyone.  New to the hobby and finally starting to piece together a complete Stereo/AV system.  My current set up: 

Sonus Guarneri evolution
Sonus Amati Center
JL Audio sub
Krell Phantom
Krell 403
Rotel HD CD player 

Currently listening to two DACs for the past few days:


My thoughts so far:

With the NADAC,  the vocals appear more forward, front and center and the music sort of a step behind the singer.   Theres more airiness to the vocals that sometimes feels or sounds artificial?  Sound stage is very similar with the Canary sounding a bit more "musically" of the two.  I'm also considering the Lampizator GG and the EMM labs DA2.  I'd appreciate any input and suggestions.  Thanks.
I’ve got a great lady so the budget can be stretched if the unit is worth the money.
Budget is clear given the OP's choices.

Are you open to options other than those you have listed?
I;m not implying anything, but are you happy with the Krells?
Krells can lean to the cooler side of SQ in some systems. 
The DAC you pick may be a matter or finding a good synergy with the Krells in particular
Hey graber, I do like my Krell and chose it to compliment the sonus faber sound and also build a hybrid system (stereo and 5.1) as the Krell 403 E is one of the better 3 channels amps available.  And I like the musical sound of the sonus and it has a nice matching center.  If anyone can chime in on the Lampizator GG I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it would fit in my set up.  For what its worth, I'm leaning towards the Canary sound more than the NADAC which I though for sure I'd like much more.