Dac hookup....

Will there be any audible sound difference between a wireless DAC connection vs. a DAC connected by ethernet?
I prefer to use a wired connection wherever I can. Sometimes because of distance and access restrictions I need to go wireless. For Pandora background music I have a wireless connection but for Tidal MQA hi-res I use a wired connection. Every system is different so try both and see what you prefer with your own ears.
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For the best steaming results, you should ALWAYS use an Ethernet  wired connection.  I also suggest you check your modem and router to ensure they are working okay.   Several years ago, I discovered my router was dropping packets especially when streaming Tidal.   
Just remember that microwave ovens at 2.4ghz, and its harmonics, with a dirty diode or cap will play havoc and generate noise.I often pick up noise from which neighbor..i cant say.
is there a maximum distance for ethernet cable, before wireless is preferable? I know in many home the streamer may be 30+ feet away from router/modem