DAC Impressions

Looking at several new DACs, the AMR DP-777, the PS Audio PWD MKII, and the NAD M-51. Anyone used and/or compared these three models? Which did you like best? Pros and cons of each model?
Not clinical or bright if you use the I2S input from a source. Very neutral IMO.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Excuse the question - I know nothing about digital......but I assume when you download an album into the computer, you need a USB converter from the computer to change the connection from USB 1 or 2 (I have a Mac laptop) to 12S (don't know what 12S is) and then it would go into a Wyred for Sound DAC, and then into my preamp?? Thanks
another question from a I2S newbie. Is an HDMI cable the same thing?

Could one connect an OPPO player with HDMI out to the I2S input on a DAC that accepts I2S by using an HDMI cable?