DAC/Pre-Amp Advice

Hey all!

Currently at a crossroads in my HiFi adventure. I want to know what you guys would recommend as my next upgrade to my system. Here is the equipment I currently have:

Bluesound Node

Yamaha A-S1200

Sony UBP-X800 (Using this as SACD player)

Rega Planar 2 Turntable

Pair of B&W 704 S2


I have had the amp for around 45-60 days now, and I love the sound now that I have had time to burn it in. Mostly stream music from Tidal right now (trying out Qobuz), and play the occasional Record/SACD with the equipment above. I feel the only things I am really desiring in this system is some type of room correction, and subwoofers.

When looking at room correcting software, what all do you guys recommend? With new Preamp/DAC would I need it to support MQA, or would my Node be able to take care of that? Budget is around $2500-3000, but I'm open to frankly any other suggestions. If you guys need any other info please let me know, looking forward to the discussion.


The connections path you posted has too many connections for my taste. A lot of cables and connections means more potential noise and jitter. Audio Advice is an NAD dealer and  recommended the C-658 when I was looking to upgrade my Node. I would follow up with a dealer and see if you can get one with a 30/60 day audition period. The price is attractive too.

@kota1 Good questions. Normally it’d be connected through the tape monitor jacks, but as I just saw his Yammy doesn’t have that it might be as easy as connecting the anti-mode between the pre out and main in jacks, but that’d need to be checked — I have my doubts. He could definitely connect the DAC to the Anti-Mode, but that’d leave the turntable with no room correction.  Both DACs I recommended have HDMI inputs but not sure if they’d work with the with the Sony so that’d need to be checked as well. This is a bit of a tricky situation all things considered.

With that system adding room correction is a pain. I also don't like the idea of room correction for stereo sound.


I would focus on a decent DAC and a decent phono preamp.

Denafrips New pontus 2,12 anniversary around $2k nothing in the $3k range is as musical,a no brainer. 

Which Node do you have, the Node 2 (or 2i) or is it the newest Node 130 with USB output? Also don't worry about MQA, it's a farce