DAC-Preamp having these specifications?

Rather than asking for feedback about specific products, I thought I instead would ask for your recommendations of a DAC-Preamp product(s) having a desired set of following specifications:

Output Impedance: < 300 Ohms
Balanced outputs (XLR)
Unbalanced outputs (RCA)
2 or more analog inputs (RCA or XLR)
2 or more digital inputs (coaxial + optical or USB)
DAC section preferably uses discrete components over op-amps
DAC signal processing capabilities should the usual fare though need not include every conceivable format
Price: ~$2,500 or less

@1graber2 the BC 3.7 checks all the boxes except price. It seems $2k higher than what I’m interested in spending. 
Just for grins, I pulled out of storage my CAL Delta transport, Sonic Frontiers Ultra Jitterbug (reclocks transport signal to <40ps jitter) and Theta DS Pro Basic IIIA (interlinked via Canare AES/EBU 110-Ohm digital IC’s) and ran it head to head against my Oppo BDP-83SE as a Redbook system (16-bit, 44kHz). The Theta has Analog Devices processors, akin to the Schiit Yggy (Mike Moffat apparently loves implementing AD processors with robust software). All I can say is that the 1996 setup didn’t embarrass itself against a 2010 Oppo player.
Ok, i was thinking used prices, with range for a used but Exc condition unit from $2400-$3500, which I have seen IME. Many sellers appear to settle around $2500 as a final price, which would fit the budget. 
But you only want new?
celander OP
  DAC-Preamp having these specifications?
Look for one that's direct coupled on it's output buffer, and I would go <100ohms output impedance. And also has these features for the best quality.
Go for one that has settable max analogue gain output, so you can use it’s digital volume control in the top 25% part of it’s range.
This way your sure of not "Bit Stripping". Just like Wadia and Mark Levinson do on their Flagship models.
Today I know M1 Bricasti has it, there must be others as well, these are the ones I would go with as they know about "bit stripping" that's why it’s introduced. As the Wadia attached shows.


Cheers George

There's a store demo Bel Canto DAC 3.5VB for sale on eBay for $1799 (missing remote).  This unit was $5k new.  This is a great opportunity.  BTW, if you are considering a BC DAC you HAVE to get one with the virtual battery supply (VBS).  I got to hear them back to back in my system, and the VBS takes the DAC to a much higher level.  Best of luck.