Hello, curious on everyone’s thoughts. I’m still building my system. I came across a really good deal on a Meitner MA3 dac. It’s from an authorized dealer and they offered to sell me one NIB for 7k. I have read and read about dacs and I am getting tired. Haha. I really like the Denafrips Terminator 2, Holo and the lumin T3 being the cheapest of them all. Once I factor in a streamer I am already close or over the 7k. Also I don’t need a dac for anything other then just streaming. Thank you 


Green with envy @richardmathes go toss a can of soup on a painting and glue yourself to a wall.

You know nothing about me or the money I contribute to social issues. And yes I can hear the difference.

I have worked very hard my entire life and paid for 4 kids to go to college and they are productive members of our society,  I am  charitable and paid my taxes. I will spend my money as I see fit.

So what are you pissed because the courts are holding up your Student Loan Debt Relief? That Art History degree not paying the bills? 

I have zero debit how about you?


$10,000 for a DAC? Someone’s priorities, i.e., the important ones, the social ones, are out of whack. Never mind that the claim that there is a audible difference of $9700. Or is the $3000 device a piece of crap? Or or we just saying, "I’ve got money to blow?" And little common sense?

Even as practical advice, this is worthless to anyone who lives in a world of budgets.

Zero debts and I have $10K for a DAC.

I can't think of a single reason to deploy it.

The OP is free to do whatever he likes. I have no opinion.


@richardmathes it was a genuine question. That is part of what this site is for, is it not ? It’s like minded people who are into the same hobby. I bet you are the kind of guy who has an $800 a month truck payment and is always complaining he doesn’t have any money.