Hello, curious on everyone’s thoughts. I’m still building my system. I came across a really good deal on a Meitner MA3 dac. It’s from an authorized dealer and they offered to sell me one NIB for 7k. I have read and read about dacs and I am getting tired. Haha. I really like the Denafrips Terminator 2, Holo and the lumin T3 being the cheapest of them all. Once I factor in a streamer I am already close or over the 7k. Also I don’t need a dac for anything other then just streaming. Thank you 



The Terminator 2 and the Auralic Aries G1.1 or the Altair G1.1 make a really good pairing.

All the best.

I’m using a SMSL SD-9 streamer with a .Musician Pegasus DAC. The streamer supports I2S connectivity. The Pegasus is a R2R DAC and the pair sounds great. 

@charles1dad i would like to take credit for the comparison between the MA3 and the Holo May KTE that I posted but it was actually fellow Agoner @abramsmatch that conducted the comparison and wrote that articulate opinion.

@shtr74sims Before you let the peanut gallery sway you away from the MA3 (comments like,”$7k is a lot of money when the XXX DAC (only) costs less”), remember that the MA3 includes a world-class streamer/player that has digital processing circuitry identical to the $4500 EMM Labs NS1. Review here:


@bigkidz why would anyone buy a product that needs modifications. Almost as silly as that Voyger amplifier thread.

OP demo that DAC and you decide. These guys are just polluting your thread. 

@jerryg123 - do you have any experience with upgrading an audio component?

Why - simple, to achieve a better sounding system.

All mass produced products are built to a price point.  For example - when was the last time you looked at a point-to-point wired product.  Seen Audio Note Capacitors or Resistors in a product.  Custom wound transformers?  AC filter chokes, etc.  V-Capacitors?  Hardly ever!.

So by modifying a component with these types of parts upgrades you get to a level of sound quality you almost can never achieve with a mass produced audio product especially within the price points most people here have heard or purchased.  In fact, you can get to a reference level that most people have never heard before and most likely, never will with a mass produced product.

So I hope I have answered your question.

Happy Listening.