Hello, curious on everyone’s thoughts. I’m still building my system. I came across a really good deal on a Meitner MA3 dac. It’s from an authorized dealer and they offered to sell me one NIB for 7k. I have read and read about dacs and I am getting tired. Haha. I really like the Denafrips Terminator 2, Holo and the lumin T3 being the cheapest of them all. Once I factor in a streamer I am already close or over the 7k. Also I don’t need a dac for anything other then just streaming. Thank you 


useful reminders and frames of reference here-in... 

hobbies are enjoyed around the world at varying resource levels... key is frame of mind, respect for others choices, not assuming your personal experiences bear all relevant answers and perspectives



Sir, I can get one for 7k NIB from a dealer. That is part of why I posted this to begin with, but thank you.

my point in putting that there (although it is deleted now) is to say that if you can buy a new one from a dealer for 7 grand, that it may not be too far off the used market trading price for the unit, and thus, if you are willing to make the effort to resell the unit if you don’t like it as much as you hope, that there would be a small or zero loss money-wise

good luck on your search

Not to throw a wrench in the DAC world, but what does everyone think of the T+A 200 DAC ?