I hope this question will allow everyone to have some fun. I have a pair of Focal Sopra 3 (I dont consider them bright, but just right), 2x REL S812 subs, and a Bryston 6bsst2 amp. I know it is a 3 channel amp. It was being used in my Movie Theater. Going forward I will be using it for a 2 channel system until I decide to buy mono blocks. This 2 channel system will only be streaming digital music, but might consider adding a photo stage later, so would like analogue inputs. The room is fully treated from 30hz on up, and is 16'w x 30'd x 10'h.  


I am looking for a Streamer/DAC/Preamp to run this system. I really do not want to add a computer to this system to run files through it. I prefer a plug and play solution. It can be one piece or 3 separates. I like a rich sound from top to bottom. I prefer a sound like Aretha Franklin over Allison Krause. I would like a big Soundstage. I also have 1 gig speed thriugh ethernet. The final item is the budget. I really like Value, so if you can come in below the budget it will be considered. $10-20k USD max. Will consider new and used.  I have considered T+A, Naim, Mola Mola, and some other manufacturers, but would like yalls input.


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@hsounds ​​​​@tomic601 thank you both for the good information.  You have added more research to my list.

Gold Note is another good choice.  You could go with a DS-1000 Evo DAC/streamer that has a class A preamp stage, for only $7,500.  If/when you decide to go vinyl, Gold Note has 3 different, highly regarded phono preamps ranging in price from $2k to $11k.  And then, down the road, you have several nice choices for GN amps as well. 

Gold note has the top of the line PH1000 phono stage/line stage. It is a phono stage with a preamp built in. It’s $4k more than the regular phono. For another $2k I say get the ARC ref 5 SE. 





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