DAC/Streamers Under 10k - Mytek, PS Audio...

Let's imagine you only listen to streaming music (Tidal, Qubuz, Apple Music, Youtube, etc). Roon is a pretty good way to stream higher quality to a Roon core (though the interface is horrendous) and for everything else you want to use AirPlay (which is lossless). What's the best option for a DAC-Streamer out there? I have a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, which sounds excellent, but I don't love that I need to attach a USB cable to a computer to get the music to play (using a MacBook Pro currently).

There is the 
- Mytek Manhattan II w/ Network Card - $7k
- PS Audio DirectStream - $6k
- Lumin X1 - $14k (well over budget)
- Ayre QX-5 Twenty - $9k (might not support AirPlay)
- something from NAIM?
- ???

I've seen very few comparisons in the space so I just don't even know what's out there.
(For reference, the system is currently MBP > Mytek Brooklyn > Mc C47 > Mc MC452 > B&W 802 D3 with all Audioquest cabling)
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did you have the opportunity to compare the Manhattan 2 with other DACs arquitectures, such as PS Directsteam no chip,  some  R2R model  as the Metrum Pavane, or multibit Shiit Dac's?. I ask because many people say  ESS sabre chips based DACs sound no natural. 

just the bricasti. it’s the least expensive unit in my setup and i never think of another dac
Thanks all. I was leaning Manhattan, as I do quite like the sound of the Brooklyn, but wasn’t sure if I was missing some obvious options. The Lumin X1 looks pretty amazing but it’s 2x the cost of the Manhattan.

As for the Roon interface, I’m guessing you’re kidding? It’s practically unusable. The only thing it’s even moderately functional for is searching. My setup now is to use Tidal and Apple Music to browse and discover then search for the specific track or playlist on Roon.
@amg56 if you’re referring to bluesound as just a streamer, then it’s not too interesting as it still doesn’t support AirPlay. As a DAC it’s not even close to the same league as the Mytek (either of them). 
Every well-known international audio producer has a DAC/Streamer, most under $10k