DAC/Streamers Under 10k - Mytek, PS Audio...

Let's imagine you only listen to streaming music (Tidal, Qubuz, Apple Music, Youtube, etc). Roon is a pretty good way to stream higher quality to a Roon core (though the interface is horrendous) and for everything else you want to use AirPlay (which is lossless). What's the best option for a DAC-Streamer out there? I have a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, which sounds excellent, but I don't love that I need to attach a USB cable to a computer to get the music to play (using a MacBook Pro currently).

There is the 
- Mytek Manhattan II w/ Network Card - $7k
- PS Audio DirectStream - $6k
- Lumin X1 - $14k (well over budget)
- Ayre QX-5 Twenty - $9k (might not support AirPlay)
- something from NAIM?
- ???

I've seen very few comparisons in the space so I just don't even know what's out there.
(For reference, the system is currently MBP > Mytek Brooklyn > Mc C47 > Mc MC452 > B&W 802 D3 with all Audioquest cabling)
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@amg56 if you’re referring to bluesound as just a streamer, then it’s not too interesting as it still doesn’t support AirPlay. As a DAC it’s not even close to the same league as the Mytek (either of them). 
Every well-known international audio producer has a DAC/Streamer, most under $10k
@1graber2 there are quite a few that are integrated amps or pre-amps that have a DAC as an afterthought. My question was around the best one that specifically does streaming and DAC. Anyway, I ordered a Manhattan, as I couldn't find a single comparison where it didn't come out looking great.