DAC/Streamers Under 10k - Mytek, PS Audio...

Let's imagine you only listen to streaming music (Tidal, Qubuz, Apple Music, Youtube, etc). Roon is a pretty good way to stream higher quality to a Roon core (though the interface is horrendous) and for everything else you want to use AirPlay (which is lossless). What's the best option for a DAC-Streamer out there? I have a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, which sounds excellent, but I don't love that I need to attach a USB cable to a computer to get the music to play (using a MacBook Pro currently).

There is the 
- Mytek Manhattan II w/ Network Card - $7k
- PS Audio DirectStream - $6k
- Lumin X1 - $14k (well over budget)
- Ayre QX-5 Twenty - $9k (might not support AirPlay)
- something from NAIM?
- ???

I've seen very few comparisons in the space so I just don't even know what's out there.
(For reference, the system is currently MBP > Mytek Brooklyn > Mc C47 > Mc MC452 > B&W 802 D3 with all Audioquest cabling)
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all, I appreciate the suggestions for PS Audio. As you can tell, it was second on my list. I did order the Manhattan II, but if anyone is in the SF Bay Area and would like to set up a side by side comparison, I'd be interested. My only other option is to buy both and sell the one I don't like. There really aren't any comparisons of the two. It might be nice to get a head to head comparison write up. I'm sure both are excellent DACs.
@chachi112 It was tough finding reviews of the S1 and it seems a little out of date with the X1 arriving. That said, I would love to hear them side by side. The nice thing about the Manhattan is that I have the Brooklyn already, so I know I generally like the Mytek sound signature. That said, I may like the Lumin, PS Audio, Chord, or Aurender sound even better.

I've heard the Chord Dave and Huge TT, but not with the same setup as anything else, so tough to compare. I do have a Violectic V800 DAC, and I can't seem to find good info on which chip type it uses, but the Brooklyn does sound better overall (while the V800 does perhaps have sweeter mids).
gotcha. I think you’ve made a good choice with the Manhattan. Don’t want you to second guess your choice, but I would agree with Lumin, Aurender, Naim but also SimAudio MIND-based sources. MIND was one of the first components/modules to showcase 24/192 streaming. 

Also, if you are a member of the SFAS in the Bay Area, you could suggest to Alón (Prez) to have a streamer showdown with other streamers for comparison. 
Mayorwest we sell almost all the brands you are looking at Lumin, Aurender, Mytek, plus a ton of others T plus A, Naim.

Please give us a call to discuss

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@audiotroy I appreciate that, but I'm more interested in comparing in-home with someone who has a PS Audio or Lumin at this point. 

@1graber2 good suggestion. I'd never heard of that group until now. Will look into it! I've got 3 DACs now, so a showdown seems necessary! Would love to compare an R2R.