DAC suggestion

Am doing some system upgrades and thought I might take the opportunity to update my DAC as well. I have an old ADCOM GDA-700. I have a Marantz SA8260 SACD player but still use the adcom DAC for redbook because i think it sounds better than the SA8260..
Since I also have audio dvd, is there any DAC that can play redbook, SACD and AUDIO DVD? My audio DVDs sound terrible just piped from my pioneer into my pre-amp because my current DAC can not decode it.

I also have a huge amount of music on my computer (from my CDs), and an optical output, and for non-critical listening it would be nice to have a DAC that can accept it as well (USB or optical)

i don,t think sacd can be digitally sent to a dac.it has to be send analogue. for under 300 dollars there are some music fidelity v-dacs available from on line companies that have usb, digital ic, and optical inputs. not sure about audio dvd
perhaps you'd be better off buying the about-to-be-released oppo bdp-95 (amazon, musicdirect). it'll play anything you can throw at it and most likely will sound considerably better than any of your current gear + you'll eliminate some clutter, not need a digital cable, etc.

admittedly, for the $1K price, you might be able to find a used DAC that will sound a smidge better on redbook (+ even that is questionable) - but it won't play DVD-A, SACD, blu-ray, mpeg, etc.

I haven't paid much attention to what can/can't be done with bluray, but it doesn't surprise me.

On the oppo bdp-95, that's a DVD Player.. or maybe I should say multi-disc player. Surprised you guys on here think it'll be great musically. But given I know zero about it, I'll keep my eyes open for reviews..thanks!

My experience with DVD players is that I purchased a pioneer a few years ago, that played DVD-Audio and folks raved about it.. well it does play DVD-Audio but I found it very dry and small sounding. I can't really listen to it. It does make a great transport though and i can pipe the digital to my DAC for redbook and hdcd (dvd-audio doesn't seem to work).
the bdp-95 is their replacement for the bdp83se; you could search for reviews of that one to get a sense of what to expect.

the whole point of the 'se' version of the 83 was to make a player geared towards audiophiles (as opposed to blu-ray fans). the 95, being more expensive and 'next generation', by all rights ought to be even better. since they're internet only, they offer a money-back guarantee, although I don't know how they are re 'I just don't like how it sounds' (vs. 'it doesn't work'...).

it's a fair guess that there will be plenty of chatter about them - including here - once they're out.