DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system

I have two systems currently fed by a SMSL SU-9n via Y splitter.  It's time to add a new/used DAC and get rid of the Y splitter.  New DAC will feed a VTL TL-2.5 + VTL Stereo 90 or a couple of different vintage SS amps (Sony TAN-8250 or Luxman 5M21), and just for fun, maybe a couple of Dyna Mk VI, running Magnepan 3.6R.  The SMSL does a great job overall, but seems to be a better fit with the ARC SP3a1 + SET or SEP amp into Altecs.  For those of you that have had the SMSL or similar level DACs in a similar system to mine and have moved up the chain, what gave you a nice step change?  The Maggies, however imperfect, are delightfully revealing and prior DAC changes were definitely more apparent with them.  Budget is $1000-1500, and I have no issue with buying used good quality stuff.  None of my system is less than 20 years old except the DACs.  


I second the Musical Fidelity Dac.  I use the nu-vista.  Not as revealing as some, but sweeter than most.  It's one you don't get tired of.

I think that PS Audio DAC recommendation was a good one. They are pretty natural sounding, which in the price range you are looking in will be the issue. 

Appreciate all the input!  Now to see what comes along in the local market (Atlanta area).

I’ve been very pleased by the Merason Frerot that I purchased a few months ago.modest cost, high performance. 

I borrowed a lowly little Schiit Moduis from a friend and was shocked by how good it was for just $229.  So of course I one-upped him and bought the Bifrost.  I'm super happy with it.  

Then I thought I'd go even better for my other system, and got a Denafrips Ares II.  Ugh... not for me.  Maybe I got a bum unit, but I did NOT like the sound of the ARES at all.  What I heard did not align with all the glowing reviews.  I quickly resold the ARES, and I'm contemplating an RME ADI-2.  Great feature set, but I've not heard it yet.

+1 for bot the Modius and Bifrost, at their respective price points.