Dac Upgrade

HI All

I currently have a Perreaux R200i intergrated amp  / Image revelation floor standers ,using a Sony xa5400 sacd player for my discs and a Sony  Hapz1es playing my digital files.. thinking of upgrasing at some stage but not sure if i Go Marantz Sa10 or Halo May dac..anyone compared them , will the be much of a update to my system? or are there any other good / better dacs out there?



Great bang for the buck dac right now is Gustard R26. R2r sounds great with built in lan end point. Some have added modest priced external clocks to move it even further in sound. The best way I can describe it is musical. I sit down to listen to a few songs and find it very difficult to pry myself away. Any time I turn it on I just want to listen to one more song and then another and another. Does not matter what I throw at it it just makes music!

If you can make heads or tails of the above you should go into 

code breaking!

The Holo May DACs are current favorite. There are many great DACs

available. Buy one and see how it goes!