Dac upgrade

Thinking of upgrading my ayre qx-5 twenty dac to a T+A dac .
going to audition it next week.
the mp 3100 hv and the hdv 3100 hv.
my system is ayre Mx-r twenty, kx-r twenty , kef blades, Jl audio f113 sub ( a pair) , cardas clear interconnects , speaker cables and power cords , lumin u1, ayre c-5xe 
appreciate any input on the t+a , read awesome reviews about them but can’t imagine how they can sound better than my ayre qx-5 twenty .
thanks in advance 
Well I just ordered a Lumin X1 and hope to receive it next week.
But, most of the others that have been mentioned on this post were in consideration.

Best dac’s ( for me) and very”natural” are: Ear dac, Metronome Technologie C6(+),Esoteric. Chord Is okay  and MSB Discrete is to clinical.
@audioman58 will try the mojo audio dac before deciding .
@ozzy i tried the lumin x1 , my lumin u1 with the ayre qx-5 was much superior . smoother highs, wider and deeper soundstage , much more mid presence .
@lukaske did not like esoteric tone , had their CD player before I switched to ayre c-5, Ayre I feel IMO is a much better sounding gear than esoteric. have not heard metronome .
t+A dac seems to knock every other dacs incl dcs, based purely on specs and reviews . 
+1 rockna wavedream dac.
Paired with a rockna server wavedream NET its truly special! Its great on its own, but the "stack" is far superior. After having the NET for a while now, I'm surprised its not popular as a killer server/streamer itself, leaving rockna dac a side. You also get a CD memory player which is isolated from the server as a bonus. Like a 2 in one device! I have no CDs to spin, all my listening is mainly qobuz/tidal via roon, but maybe you do CD.
I have the signature balanced version of the dac, I think i won't be buying any other dac any time soon, or ever probably. If you can audition, why not. Just do it out of curiosity at least ) one of the finest, RELATIVELY affordable R2R dacs.