Dac upgrade

Thinking of upgrading my ayre qx-5 twenty dac to a T+A dac .
going to audition it next week.
the mp 3100 hv and the hdv 3100 hv.
my system is ayre Mx-r twenty, kx-r twenty , kef blades, Jl audio f113 sub ( a pair) , cardas clear interconnects , speaker cables and power cords , lumin u1, ayre c-5xe 
appreciate any input on the t+a , read awesome reviews about them but can’t imagine how they can sound better than my ayre qx-5 twenty .
thanks in advance 
I have alll tube gear and surprised the audio mirror trubadour lll SE was not mentioned? Have had one for 6 months tube based $2500. Here is link: http:audiomirror.com 

Love mine in tube system! 

Listened to the t+a hv 3100 , the standalone dac with preamplifier. Compared it with my ayre qx-5 ( my love ) .
the t+a sounded better with more control on bass , cleaner mid and highs and a tighter overall sound . I paired it with a wolf streamer thru Roon.
wound up trading in my beloved ayre and lumin u1 and getting the wolf streamer and t+a hv 3100 dac ...
+1 for rockna wavedream signature. you can see my post history here and on whatsbest to read my impressions of it. it's not cheap by any means but i also think it has the quality and tone to partner really nicely with the rest of your system.