I’ve had my Innuos Zen Mk3/MHDT Orchid DAC setup in my system for 30 days or so and I’m very satisfied with this combo. The Zen is USB only. Just noticed today that I’m getting a slight hum from the DAC and it goes away when unplugged. No hum through my speakers when connected just the DAC. Any help with eliminating the hum is appreciated.


Some DACs do have galvanic isolation but they are at the higher end of the scale. One company is making DAC’s from Panzerholz  and other wood with inertial filters. I also use a USB isolator by Wyred 4 Sound. Just for extra protection. https://www.lessloss.com/echos-end-p-218.html

A DAC is not a streamer. A few DACs have built-in streamers - not this one.

What is a "slight" hum?

Does it show up in the analog downstream during a listening session? Is it a recent phenomenon?

Hum is a grounding issue.

fuzztone- reread my post. You can’t get any further downstream than my speakers. At what point am I confusing my Streamer from my DAC? I make it a point to ignore your posts. The other responses are very helpful as they understand my issue pretty easily. Thank you erik_squires and jacobsdad2000. I have a few devices on order.

@erik_squires I am a firm believer in EverStar Galvanic Isolators for LAN and they do work! I appreciate your contributions.