I’ve had my Innuos Zen Mk3/MHDT Orchid DAC setup in my system for 30 days or so and I’m very satisfied with this combo. The Zen is USB only. Just noticed today that I’m getting a slight hum from the DAC and it goes away when unplugged. No hum through my speakers when connected just the DAC. Any help with eliminating the hum is appreciated.


A DAC is not a streamer. A few DACs have built-in streamers - not this one.

What is a "slight" hum?

Does it show up in the analog downstream during a listening session? Is it a recent phenomenon?

Hum is a grounding issue.

fuzztone- reread my post. You can’t get any further downstream than my speakers. At what point am I confusing my Streamer from my DAC? I make it a point to ignore your posts. The other responses are very helpful as they understand my issue pretty easily. Thank you erik_squires and jacobsdad2000. I have a few devices on order.

@erik_squires I am a firm believer in EverStar Galvanic Isolators for LAN and they do work! I appreciate your contributions. 

@jacobsdad2000 Thank you for your kind words.


I do use those hospital grade Ethernet isolators also but as much for surge protection as anything else. Based on readings from tech journals, it seems the best option for inside a building. I have a couple of long runs that end in expensive gear. The longer the run the more likely you are to have an induced surge from a near by strike.

I can't say that I've ever heard them make an audible difference yet. :)

Op also may want to look at the quality of the USB Cable being used. I have has great results with DH Labs as well as Supra Excalibur USB cables. Supra is a bit less expensive and would look into them. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/computer/