DAC/w Volume control + Power amp or DAC + Integrated?

Doing lots of research for complete new set up from the scratch but very confused about DAC /w volume control section. 
Does the Volume control mean actually a preamp section? So a DAC + Preamp all-in-one box? 
Or are there any DAC with pure simple volume control knob exist? 

One of the systems I am eyeing on is LTA Ultralinear power amp. Source is digital only (Qobuz, local files network streaming via Chromecast audio to DAC via optical, for now) so I may not need separate Pre-amplifier. 

There are couple of options.
1) DAC /w built in volume control + UL Power amp
2) pure DAC + Standalone Volume controller + UL Power amp
3) pure DAC + UL integrated amplifier
Which one is the best setup SQ wise? Or Cost-Performance?

Built in volume control affects sound quality of the DAC? 

Is UL Integrated inferior to power amp by a margin?

I would like to go simple as possible because of limited funds (DAC & Amp for < $9k) so assume that going from DAC to Power amp directly is the way to go. All used gear will be more than welcome.



Avoid a cheap volume control.  That really matters and a bad one will lead to underwhelming performance.  I have a Schiit Freya + here and even in passive mode it sucks the life out of my music. 
Hugo 2 and LTA power amp vs Qutest with LTA integrated.  I feel like the line stage and volume control in the LTA is very good.  I have had that exact amp connected too Avantgarde Zeros and they highlight anything in your setup that is an issue.  It was incredible.  
That being said, the volume control in the Hugo 2 is VERY good.  I use a Hugo 2 and 2Go for everything at home.  
The DAC in the Qutest and Hugo2 are the same.  The Hugo 2 has a volume control and headphone amp.  

I think LTA integrated with Qutest will be absolute best sound.  With Spatials?????   LTA and Spatial were in the room next to me at CAF and they sounded really good.  This is an A+ system you are putting together.  
As someone who sells both products (LTA and Chord), I am 100% sure you can be on budget with either combo.  The real question is if you want the flexibility the Hugo 2 provides
Reach out to Tommy O’Brien over at Digital Amplifier Company.  He believes in the shortest signal path, and designs his amps and DACs to this belief. I have a pair of his mono amps, his DAC, and the synergy with my Spatials produce the best sound I have had in my room.  Highly recommend you give his products a look.

Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 ... integrated amplifier .. I’m very happy with mine.. for less than 1/3 of your budged.. take a look as there are excellent reviews ..
The Aesthetix Mimas Integrated Amplifier with the built in DAC card will meet your requirements and budget very nicely. 


Good Luck!
Hello czar 2000.  I'm using choice 1, keep it simple. SMSL M500 hs volume control and headphone amp, not pricey, sounds good.