DAC with volume control under $250

I have a friend asking for a DAC, equipped with volume control, he could connect to his Airport Express via optical (mini toslink).
The budget is pretty tight, only $250.
Is there anything out there to fit this tight bill?
Thank you very much.
Never heard it but it fits the budget. Emotiva XDA-1 with 5 year warranty.

My friend has ordered the Emotiva which definitely did fit the budget. Even shipping was included in the $249. It's on its way to him now.
Thanks again.
That's great. I considered getting one myself to use the balanced outs into some amps I have, but will probably just get an all in one integrated instead to save space. Please be so kind as to update us with some listening impressions when you have a chance. I hope your friend enjoys it. Seemed to get a lot of positive feedback on various forums, especially for the price.