DACed and Confused here...

So many brands/models/shapes/sizes. Everyone has an opinion.

I have decided to start my streaming with a DAC. I will probably just use a tablet initially with Quobuz or Tidal, before ultimately getting a proper streamer.

Looking for <=$1500. I thought I was set with the RME ADI-2 until I read here that it would require a new power supply and basically an engineering degree to make it sound good (not flat, not analytical). Is that price point too low?

System is ARC REF 5se --> Art Audio PX-25 --> Blumenhofer FS-2, with the DAC coming in as the source.

Can anyone give me some guidance?



Yes, that’s mine. I thought I had deleted that ad, I sold that beautiful DAC a month ago. The recipient of that Yamamoto absolutely loves it! I am not the least bit surprise by his reaction. It served me splendidly for 14 years. One of my most treasured audio components ever!!!


@soix I've used the Apple Camera connector for an old iPhone while listening to background internet radio, sounded ok for it's purpose but it recently died. I looked up the Lavri cable you recommend but it doesn't say anywhere if you can power a device through it like the Apple. Can you please clarify? 



+1 @soix -- Agree on not underspending. If you buy used you can re-sell for around the same price. A bit of hassle for a lot of learning. I'd get the Denafrips Pontus and live with it for a while. Just my two cents. (I don't own Denafrips, by the way, but have heard them; they're quite nice.) There's a Venus, too.

In case you are interested in spending a bit more, these seem like real standouts:

Weiss DAC 204 -- I'd offer $2500 and see what happens. These are very very well built and reviewed. There's one lower down the line, too. Perhaps something to bargain for.

Some really praise the Sonnet Morpheus, too. Here.


A used Schiit Yggdrasil could be a good option if you don’t need DSD. I’ve occasionally seen them on The Music Room in that price range. Smooth as butta’ in my system.