DACs with High Voltage Output

I am interested in upgrading my DAC. However, the integrated I run and like a lot, the 845 based Bel Canto SETi 40, needs a high voltage output to sound its best (at least 4 v rms). I have been working on finding DACs that fit that parameter. I'd love to get some input from the Audiogon community. Additionally it needs to have a USB input. 
@almarg  Al, thank you for your response. You are terrific at explaining these things.

From the PDF Manual for the SETi 40:

"Input level for 37 watts output • 1.5 V rms"

Many DACs will be in the 2 - 3 Vrms range...for the SE analog outputs.

david_ten is correct. With these sort of input sensitivity any cdp, dac will work, they’re nearly all over 2v these days.

Cheers George
+1 Benchmark DAC3 has high voltage (studio level) output capabilities, and can be used as Preamp as well.
It can take USB input.

If I remember correctly, there are three adjustable output voltage settings (for XLR output) - 2V/4V/9.8V. (can be adjusted via internal jumper)

For RCA output it is fixed at 2V.
Sorry guys. Been busy and stepped away from the thread for a bit. Thanks for all of the various feedback. All helpful in different ways.

I do have a question that stems from a couple of the comments if anyone is still following. I have read the manual and 1.5 v rms is indeed stated to result in maximum output. However, I am not sure how that translates, as it is certainly not true that it translates into maximum decibels.

I am currently using a Burson DAC with a stepped attenuation that ranges from 0 - 10 v rms based on where the knob is set. The volume increases all the way up the voltage chain, as you would assume. My speakers are some fairly insensitive bookshelves (87db). Unless the Burson attenuator is set to a level that outputs approximately 4 v rms there is not enough headroom in the Bel Canto volume range to be comfortable. So that is where I am coming up with that number. What am I not understanding? Even though the manual states 1.5 v gets maximum output, increasing the voltage input from there continues to increase the volume, all the way to 10 v rms.

What is the specific model name of the Burson DAC?  And can you provide a link to a description and/or manual for it?


-- Al