DACs with switchable high/low gain (output) settings

I know that Benchmark, RME, Chord (Qutest) and Burl offer this feature.  What other DACs do you know of that have it?

I'm not talking about variable output, especially not controlled in the digital realm, but two or three fixed switchable settings.




Geshelli J2 dac has 3 position gain control.

Several very good reviews on YT on this dac for its price.

Cheap Audio Man is one.

I had very good customer service from them. A mom pop team in FL.

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Demo Weiss DAC 204 incoming for a home trial.  If it does what I'm hoping it does, I'll get a 205, as that has all the features (few) that I need.

Honestly surprised that more brands don't offer this feature.  Not everyone wants to run their DAC straight into a power amp.

BTW, for the sake of this list, Okto offers a customizable option for fixed output level, 1V to 8V, but it's baked in at the factory and not changeable thereafter (unless, I suppose, you send it back to them).