Dahlquist DQ10

New user, first post. I don't consider myself an audiophile...haha.  I have the opportunity to purchase a set of DQ 10's @ $375 for the pair.  Been on the 'Google' researching but figured I'd just get some new info here.  Is this a good deal?  They have been re-foamed but no tweaking of the electronics.  Seller says they have not been used much.  Will my Yamaha RX V677  7.1 SS receiver have sufficient power for these if used in 2 channel mode?  I find conflicting opinions about this.  I remember these when they first came out in the 70's and the reviews were fantastic.  Just wonder if they still compare to today's speakers.  Thanks!
my main concern would be the crossover components may need replacing which could double the price pretty quickly (I imagine)

my two cents...
I am going to listen to them tomorrow.  Is there a way I can tell?  I'm not very knowledgeable about the tech type stuff.
In the majority of cases, crossover failures involve the capacitors and generally electrolytic caps. I used to mod Dahlquist’s DQ-10s (mirror image/swap Piezos for ribbons/etc) in my shoppe(talking 1980’s here). I never have seen a stock DQ-10, with anything other than Metalized Mylar caps. Look at the crossovers and if the caps have a shiny yellow wrap, they are probably stock, and still good.
I would say buy them. If they are in good working condition, even without any exotic upgrades they will be enjoyable. They are by no means reference level, but they are fun, and the price is right.