Dahlquist speakers

Do you guys think Dahlquist 10's + 12's stand up to todays speakers up to $1000?
Looks like I can get MA RS6 on here used for $600-800. Do you guys think this is a good deal rather than buying expensive older used speakers? If not, what brands and models of older ones do you like?
Thanks for your opinions. KG.
08-10-09: Griffinconst
Looks like I can get MA RS6 on here used for $600-800. Do you guys think
this is a good deal rather than buying expensive older used speakers?
I'm with Seattle_Mike on this: Although there are
many audio "classics' out there, generally new or recent model speakers
are better than "classics" of 20-30 years old unless you stumble
onto a giveaway deal like the ADS L-810's I picked up for $100/pr. Today's
speakers use better, more linear drivers with wider frequency and dynamic
operating ranges. Speaker makers understand more about bracing, materials,
and vibration control than they did 30 years ago.

I've been an audio enthusiast for 40 years and have heard (and owned) many
speakers over the years. On average today's speakers are faster, more
articulate, have higher resolution, more dynamic range, and more extended,
cleaner bass in smaller enclosures than most designs 20 or more years old.

I currently own both 1995 and 2008 Mirage floorstanding speakers. The older
ones (M5si) are very good IF you use very expensive cables and 170-300
watts per channel. They are also an imposing 51" tall and unwieldy 85 lbs
each. The new OMD-15 weighs 36 pounds, presents a much easier load to
the amp, is at least 5dB more sensitive, and can still handle up to 250 watts
input, at which point it's playing much louder than the old one. It is also
faster, cleaner, more detailed, more articulate, but with no added edge or
harshness. It is simply better in every way.
How about this for a bonehead move. Once saw a used pair of DQ10's at Audio Concepts in Houston (out of business just this month, btw, cryin shame) that had a) a factory upgrade capacitor change to the crossover, b) a Panasonic ribbon replacing the top two high frequency drivers, 3) the metal gridwork behind the grill cloth neatly removed from around the drivers, for a price of $250.00 and didn't buy them. Boy, someone had put some TLC into those babies. Wish I had today.
08-10-09: Griffinconst
"Hey sogood - let's hear it about the MG12's".

No Knock on the Maggies, they sound great when set up properly, and so do the DQ-10's. I was just pointing out, that like the DQ-10....expensive parts not in use.

I'm using a XLR Y connector to drive 2 DQ-10(s) to create the center channel under a 12 screen. There was just too much space between the L and R and a conventional speaker just didn't work, I also like that they are not deep speakers. The DQ-10's work great with vocals but didn't cut it else where. Pretty happy with the results but maybe I'll get 2 more and have 4 on the floor across the front.